5 Tips For Hosting The Perfect Wedding This Year

By Flint Hill


Wedding planning can be a time of both stress and excitement, as it is a really special and magical day. We want to celebrate with you and boost those eager feelings by giving you some helpful tips to keep your stress levels low and your excitement high. Here are some tips that will help your wedding day go smooth and be the best day, a day you have always dreamt of:

1. Start planning early

Wedding planning can be very stressful, as there are so many things to think about, plan for, and make decisions about. This is why planning early is crucial, so you can remain low-stress throughout the whole process. Creating a timeline is extremely helpful, as it ensures that there is time for everything to get done before the big day.

2. Decide on a budget and stick with it

If you’ve ever spent hours scrolling through Pinterest dreaming of the ideal wedding, you are not alone. Unfortunately, we cannot always make those dream weddings come true, but by creating a reasonable budget, you can make decisions about the most important things to include in your wedding and make sure your day is special and beautiful, without breaking the bank.

3. Be selective with the guest list

Who attends your wedding is entirely up to you and your spouse. Being selective with the guest list can also lower stress because you get to invite your family and friends who will celebrate your big day with you. Being selective with the guest list can also prevent you from going over budget quickly, as cost-per-head is one of the largest expenses in wedding planning. Nailing down the guest list will also make finding a venue easier because you know how many guests the venue will need to accommodate.

4. Find a venue that matches your style and your wish list

Finding a venue can be tricky, as there are so many options and it can be hard to be decisive. Exploring many venues is helpful to gain a better feel for what you are looking for. At our wedding venue Norcross GA, we accommodate up to 300 guests and provide historic character, whether you prefer an indoor or outdoor ceremony and reception space.

5. Accept help from your family and friends

It can be overwhelming when your family and friends are constantly reaching out asking you how they can lend a helping hand. Although you might want to iron out every detail by yourself, accepting that help can take a load off of your shoulders and lower your stress. It can help get things done with time for you to relax before the big day. So though it might not be your initial preference, allowing others to help can be a real lifesaver in keeping you happy and excited for your wedding day.