Fall Wedding During Football Season: Dos And Don’ts

fall wedding football.jpg

Fall weddings can be absolutely beautiful - the leaves are changing, the air is cool and crisp, and the autumnal flower arrangements are picture perfect. Football season is also in full swing, and while this may or may not be a big deal for you and your fiance, it can definitely pose some unique concerns for your “Big Day” if your guests are die-hard fans. Here are some dos and don’ts to follow if you’re considering having your wedding during football season:

  1. Don’t Pick Your Date Based on Your Guests- Take your immediate family’s conflicts into consideration, but don’t say no to your dream venue just because you don’t want your guests to be upset that your wedding is on a game day. If that is the date that works for you, take it! Those who love you will be there no matter what, and those are the people that you want to share your day with anyways.

  2. Do Be Conscious of Your Guests’ Situation- They love you, but they also love their team. Depending on the time of the game, plan to have TV’s for your bridal party to watch while they get ready. If there is a “pause” between your ceremony and your reception for you all to take pictures or change locations, suggest some local sports bars for your guests to watch the game while they wait. Maybe even ask your DJ or band to periodically announce score updates during your reception if the game is at night. It certainly doesn’t need to be the focus of your evening, but providing opportunities for your guests to stay up-to-date on the score will prevent them from taking their attention away from you and your night.

  3. Don’t Take it Personally if You Catch Them Checking the Score on Their Phone- It’s inevitable that someone will check their phone to see a score update. Hopefully they have enough decency not to do it during the ceremony, but if you catch a few guests sneaking a glance at their phones during the reception, don’t take it to heart. As long as it doesn’t get in the way of your celebration, a few score updates won’t be the end of the world - they chose to be there with you after all.

  4. Do Have Fun With It- If you’re a football fan yourself, and you decided to have your wedding on your team’s game day, incorporate your love for your team into your wedding. Maybe you have pom-poms in your team’s colors as part of your decorations, or your flowers match your team’s colors. You could have a themed grooms cake to match the game day teams. You could even serve food that you’d find at your favorite tailgates and have your DJ or band play your team’s fight songs. There are endless creative ways to add some game day flair to your special day if it means a lot to you.

Ultimately, your wedding is your day, and you should plan it however you want, but following these dos and don’ts should be able to help you navigate how to plan your wedding during football season if you’re looking for some helpful tips!