Flint Hill

By Flint Hill


Finding the perfect wedding venue can be a challenge, and we want each couple to enjoy every detail of their big day, especially the venue. There are many wedding venues in Atlanta, but if you are looking for a gorgeous and quiet antebellum home, look no further than Flint Hill. Here are some of the features that make Flint Hill one of the unique Atlanta wedding venues:


1. Location


Flint Hill is just a quick minute to Atlanta, making it a secluded venue that is just steps away from busy Atlanta. This location is perfect for both in-town and out of town guests, as there are many hotel options nearby, or it is just a short drive for your local guests. If you are looking for wedding venues Atlanta that have elegance and seclusion, but want to be close to the city, Flint Hill is a perfect option for you.


2. Courtyard


The courtyard at Flint Hill is one of the highlights of Flint Hill. This outdoor space is complete with luscious greenery and a beautiful gazebo. The courtyard can be a stunning space for your ceremony, accommodating up to 275 guests. This space, with tivoli lights hanging, can also be a gorgeous reception area. 


3. Antebellum home


If you are looking for a wedding venue in Atlanta with history and charm, Flint Hill offers both. This home has its original flooring, doors and mantels, to keep the southern elegance, but it also has updated features to accommodate your needs. There is a bridal suite and groom’s room that offer a taste of home for your special day.


4. Space


The space at Flint Hill has an open concept with ample room for up to 300 guests. The grand ballroom is another beautiful feature at Flint Hill that overlooks the courtyard and greenery. Flint Hill is a perfect wedding venue option for a bride looking for ample space at the venue.