The Perfect Fall Wedding Venue

By Flint Hill

flint_hill perfect fall wedding venue.png

If you are looking for fall wedding venues, look no further than Flint Hill! This venue is situated on a quiet lawn in Norcross, with an open concept for dining and dancing. Here are some highlights of Flint Hill as the best venue for your southern wedding:

1. Bridal and groom suite


Here at Flint Hill, we understand that the bride and groom need a luxurious space to prepare for their big day! This is why we provide a stunning space filled with abounding character that will make it feel like home! 

2. Grandballroom


The grand ballroom at Flint Hill is encased in paned glass windows, offering a spectacular view of the courtyard and covered pavilion below. French doors lead out to the outdoor spaces, creating fluidity and allowing guests to enjoy both the beauty of the ballroom and the gorgeous fall weather outside.

3. Courtyard  


The courtyard is a magical space at Flint Hill! Centered in the middle of the courtyard is the wooden gazebo, which makes a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Tivoli lights also hang throughout the courtyard, creating a warm ambiance for your ceremony or reception.

4. Spaces for the ceremony


Flint Hill offers many spaces for fall wedding locations, such as the courtyard and covered pavillion. The courtyard offers an enchanting space filled with luscious greenery, and in the center of the courtyard, a beautiful gazebo stands with fragrant jasmine and effervescent lights. Another space that is perfect for the ceremony is the covered pavilion, which offers additional space to the courtyard, and can be used for the ceremony or as a dance floor! Both spaces are perfect for the fall season, as nothing is better than an outdoor southern wedding!