Spring Weddings At Flint Hill

By Flint Hill


Spring weddings are a time to celebrate a new season of life. Flowers begin to bloom after waiting all winter to make their glorious appearance, the sun begins to warm and everywhere you look is filled with every vibrant color of spring. A spring wedding at Flint Hill in Atlanta is the perfect venue for a new beginning. The courtyard is full of lush greenery and magical lights that make you feel like you are dancing around a thousand stars. The antebellum style home at Flint Hill, transports you back to a feeling where promises meant forever. Each room has its own unique character, especially the grand ballroom with its paned glass windows and overlook to the courtyard.

Colors in spring make it an easy choice to find beautiful bridesmaids dresses. Your springtime bouquets will be filled with beautiful green foliage and soft pastels to compliment your dress. Photographers love capturing Flint Hill’s whimsical spring time venue. Our greenery and flowers in the courtyard make it a perfect backdrop for your spring wedding photos.

Seasons come and go, but a commitment lasts a lifetime. Celebrate your new beginning at Flint Hill and let us make the first step of your journey the most memorable.