Spring Weddings At Primrose Cottage

By Primrose Cottage


Spring is a time where people gather to celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of outdoor parties, barbecues and the best off all, weddings. Located in Roswell, GA, Primrose Cottage is the ideal wedding venue to gather with friends and family to celebrate a love story. This charming historic home is settled between beautiful gardens, creating the perfect space for a spring wedding.

Now for those attending a spring wedding, the question isn’t what NOT to wear but what TO wear. Everyone knows the universal rule that you can’t wear white to a wedding. But, that leaves every other color and pattern left to choose from. Below are some ideas to narrow your choices so you can pick the best outfit for your next spring wedding invite.

For the ladies:

Bright colors- Springtime means new life because everything is beginning to bloom and flowers are bursting with color. Spring is an exciting time and nothing says excitement more than vibrant colors. Wear a dress or blouse to match the fresh flowers and the excitement of the spring season. Bright yellows, pinks and blues are perfect for a spring wedding outfit. 

Floral patterns- Nothing says springtime quite like a floral pattern. Whether it be pastel or vibrant, all floral patterns mesh well with the blossoming gardens and fresh scent of spring.

floral_pattern_spring_wedding_atire_0 (1).jpg

Something with sleeves- Although most of us are anxious to pull out our favorite summer dresses, spring tends to still be a little chilly, so it is always a good idea to be prepared with a short-sleeved dress or sweater. 

sleeves_spring_wedding_atire_0 (1).jpg

For the fellas:

Textured shirt- Although we often think that men’s attire to weddings is the same-old-same-old, spring allows for men to switch it up a little. Add some texture to your shirt, whether it be a checkered pattern or a chambray material, to create an air of spring that is perfect for a wedding. 

textured_shirt_spring_wedding_atire (1).jpg

Pastels- We all know pastels remind us of spring, so why not bring out that light pink or yellow button down and show other guests how to really dress well for the spring.

pastels_spring_wedding_atire (1).jpg

Bowtie- A bow tie is always a good idea for a wedding, but especially in the spring. There are so many patterns and brightly colored bow ties that will sure to make you stand out in the crowd. 

Bow_tie_spring_wedding_atire (1).jpg