Spring Wedding Decor At The Atrium

By The Atrium


Complete with full-grown lilac azaleas and jasmine blooms, The Atrium is great for a springtime wedding. Flowers in bloom are an ideal natural decoration for your wedding. When the gardens are green and bright there is less space you have to fill with decor. Choosing a venue, like the Atrium, with natural features will make decorating easier and less expensive. Let the beautiful springtime garden do most of the work.

Now for the work you have to do, from your wedding invitations all the way up until the big day, the season can play an exciting role in every aspect of your wedding. Spring is the perfect season to incorporate pastel wedding colors into the details of your big day. At The Atrium’s garden you can easily find inspiration for your springtime flower bouquets and centerpieces.

Here are some spring decor ideas for your wedding:

Add a little bit of spring to your wedding invitations by placing little flowers in each invitation, or create a floral pattern to incorporate the season into your wedding! Get your guests excited about celebrating your special day in the spring. 


Mason jars for drinks are the perfect springtime decor. Fill them with lemonade or sweet tea, and add a fresh lemon wedge or a small flower accessory to allow guests to experience the fullness of the season. 


Bright flowers are essential to decorate your wedding at The Atrium. Adding sliced lemons to your flower vases can create a spring appeal as well. Floral arrangements really help make a wedding look beautiful, and there is no better time than the spring to create these stunning bouquets with fresh flowers, like tulips or baby’s breath. 

Another fun spring decor idea is to lay flower petals down the aisle for the couple to walk down. This adds a vibrance and elegance to any wedding ceremony and is perfect for a spring wedding. 


There is nothing like walking down the aisle to a gorgeous, blossoming mantel filled with fresh flowers. Your wedding is sure to make your dreams come true when you stand under a cascade of blooming flowers as you say I do! 

Tori HannaThe Atrium