Spring Wedding Decor Ideas

By Little Gardens


Planning a spring wedding and looking for the perfect decorations to match your dress and the season? We have some helpful wedding decoration ideas. Planning a wedding can seem overwhelming, but with the help of our wedding experts, we can provide you with some inspiration for the perfect spring wedding decorations on a budget:

You can’t miss out on the colorful blooms of spring


The blooming season of spring can make your wedding beautiful with blooming flowers! Carrying a bright bouquet as you walk down the aisle makes for a stunning ceremony, and colorful bouquets at each table create the perfect spring wedding reception decorations!

Live music


Dancing under the moonlight is much better with a live band, especially after the sun goes down on a cool spring evening! Live music keeps the crowd having fun and gives you a chance to get another dance in with your special someone.

Outdoor ceremonies


Spring weddings are gorgeous, but an outdoor ceremony makes it even better. With the luscious greenery at our Atlanta garden wedding venue, an outdoor ceremony is sure to make your wedding day special.

Fresh spring drink with flower decor


Nothing says springtime quite like a unique drink with a flower accent to add color and decoration to drinks for your guests! With a tasty drink and a cute decoration, guests will enjoy their refreshing drinks as they dance the night away!



Eggs to decorate bouquet


Although this idea might seem too seasonal, dyed eggs can be a beautiful addition to your flower arrangement! They make the perfect spring outdoor wedding decoration and provide guests with more color at their tables!

Tori HannaLittle Gardens