Tips For Choosing A Venue

By Little Gardens


When it comes to planning your wedding, one of the most important things is your venue! Without a venue, it is going to be very difficult to gather your friends and family to celebrate your big day. Choosing a venue can be tricky, as there are endless options and styles, but follow these helpful tips to find the perfect wedding venue to match your style and your guest list:

1. Know your guest list

Determining how many people will be attending your wedding is crucial to deciding on a venue. It does no good for you in your search if you find your dream wedding venue but it only accounts for half of your guest list. You want to make sure that the venue you choose will accommodate the space needs of you and your guests, with space for the ceremony and reception.

2. Explore many options

You might have to do some intense searching before you find the one you love, and that’s okay. In your planning, account for time to look for a venue that suits you. You want to be comfortable and happy with the choice you make, so take some time, do your research and find the perfect wedding venue for you.

3. Remember your budget

Your budget is the not-so glamorous side of wedding plan, but it sure is important. You don’t want to go over budget and add stress to your wedding planning, so make sure when you are looking at venues, you know the price range you are looking at. There is a way to make sure the venue has all of your needs, while maintaining the budget you set.

4. Check the availability

There is nothing worse than touring a venue and falling in love with it, only to find out that it is booked for every weekend in the month of your wedding. To account for this, ask those questions up front, so you don’t have to be disappointed after touring the venue.

5. Consider the location

You hear it all the time - location, location, location. This applies to wedding venues too. When touring a wedding venue in Atlanta, make sure to check if there are hotels nearby, or if transportation to the venue can be provided within your budget. An Atlanta wedding venue, like Little Gardens, is in a great location, as it is situated right outside of Atlanta, offering a spacious, quaint feel, with close proximity to the city.

6. Find out if there are catering restrictions

With some venues, there are specific vendors that the venue requires that you use. The issue with this is that they can be expensive, which can cut your budget unexpectedly. Check to see if the venue you are interested in has a policy like this, and you might need to reconsider your budget, or keep exploring venues in order to find the perfect fit for you.

Tori HannaLittle Gardens