Tips On Spring Wedding Hair

By Little Gardens


When the flowers of Little Gardens are in full bloom, it becomes a whimsical paradise for a spring wedding. Just as exquisite, is the spring bride. This season provides a bride with the opportunity to have fun with her bridal hairstyle. Here are a few spring wedding hair ideas that are sure to appease any bride’s style.

Spring weddings are the ideal time to go crazy with the fresh blooms of the season. Your wedding will be adorned with the fresh flowers, why not throw some in your hair too? Spring wedding hairstyles that include these gorgeous accents evoke elegance and natural beauty. Flower crowns are a continuing spring wedding trend for the ethereal bride. Whether you match the crown with your bouquet, or you opt for unique blooms, this wedding hairstyle can be done on both long and short hair. Some brides pair this accessory with loose waves, tighter curls, or wavy hair. No matter what texture you choose, the flower crown is a stand out piece that is sure to look stunning and trendy in wedding photos.


For the more glamorous bride, a half up, half down hairstyle is the ideal spring wedding hairstyle for long hair. This ‘do will keep the hair out of your face, while still exuding the elegance of having your hair down. Perfectly crafted curls are the recipe for glamour, and adding a crystal or rhinestone hair clip will pull the look together seamlessly. The clip can be used to hold pieces of hair from both sides of the head, or for a more Old Hollywood glam look, pull up only one side. This hairstyle truly is of timeless glamour.


Short wedding hairstyles for the spring are all about two things: perfect texture and unique accessories. No matter how short your hair may be, adding texture and volume will take your sophisticated ‘do to the next level. As previously mentioned, spring is the time for flowers. You can arranging them in a crown, scatter a few here and there, or stick them in a clip to hold your hair back. Another idea is to find a gorgeous headband. It could be borrowed, blue, or something new that you find. The elegance factor of this accessory is unbeaten. It is the perfect choice for the tasteful bride. 


Wedding hair ideas for the spring are not complete without the updo. Whether done loosely for the ethereal bride, or done seamlessly for glamorous sophistication, the updo is always a favorite of a spring bride. This hairstyle keeps hair out of the face, and lasts throughout your big day. Sticking flowers or rhinestone clips in the updo adds a delicate touch that is ideal for the spring season. A bride cannot go wrong with this style.


Finally, the last of our spring wedding hairstyle ideas, is the braid. Whether done on the bangs of our short-haired brides, or done on the strands of our long-haired brides, this hairstyle truly encompasses the springtime perfectly. This style has it all: elegance, wearability, effortlessness, and timelessness. There are many ways to incorporate a braid into your wedding hairstyle. Braids can be done on updos, half ups, and scattered throughout long hairstyles. Braids are accessories in themselves. Sprinkling small blooms throughout the braids completes this spring wedding hairstyle.  


There are endless options for spring brides with long hair, short hair, and anywhere in between. Spring is all about delicate beauty, just like the blooms that characterize this sweet season. We like to think all of our spring brides encompass these characteristics as well.

Tori HannaLittle Gardens