Makeup Up Tips For Fall Weddings

By Cloverleaf Farm


When one thinks of fall, pumpkin spiced lattes, fiery-colored trees, and fuzzy sweaters usually come to mind. With the temperature starting to drop to a comfortable coolness, a fall wedding at Cloverleaf Farm is a fantastic idea. Allowing the beautiful colors of fall to inspire your outdoor wedding makeup look will ensure a timeless and exquisite look.

As with any makeup look, the skin is the most important component. Taking care of the skin can allow a bride to wear a lighter face product, making her look more natural. Wearing a long-lasting primer paired with an SPF-infused moisturizer are vital to a protected and radiant face. Because of the windy, cool weather in the fall, wearing a foundation that moisturizes can provide a dewy and healthy complexion, and is important in protecting the skin. Opt for a long-lasting, waterproof concealer to cover undereye circles and any blemishes. Rosy cheeks are a staple for fall wedding makeup. Rosy or berry-toned creme-blushes will compliment the fall palette perfectly.

Once a bride has her skin routine established, she can then choose which fall wedding look to create. Fall is one of the most versatile seasons for makeup. The shade range of fall is beautiful. Oranges, browns, bronzed metallics, burgundies, and berry tones make up this stunning season. Whether opting for a natural look, or choosing a more avant-garde look, a bride can create just about anything for her outdoor fall wedding.


A bride can achieve the natural look by keeping the eye makeup light and the skin fresh. This look encompasses sticking to soft browns and rosy pinks on the eyes and lips. Smooth a rose-colored cream blush on the cheeks. Lightly smudge a brown eyeliner in the waterline of the eyes and blend outward and upward. Comb a coat of waterproof mascara through the lashes to finish this soft, sultry look.


For the ethereal bride-- radiant skin, bold browns, and a berry lip are the perfect compliment. With a brow pencil in hand, outline the shape of the brows. Fill them in with a matching brow powder, and finish them off with a brow gel to set them. This will ensure those stubborn brow hairs will stay in place and stick together throughout the big day. A berry lip is made perfect by finding the right shade for the skin’s unique undertones, and applying in layers. Line the lips with a matching color, then apply a layer of lipstick. Dab the lipstick with a tissue, then apply another layer. Repeat three or four times for a perfectly stained pout that will last through every kiss of the night. Finish the look with a liquid highlighter. Tap the product on the high points of the cheekbones and temples. Adding a small amount of the product in the inner tear ducts will open up the eyes.


For a warmer, more sultry look, utilize the oranges and metallic bronzes in the fall palette. Warm up the crease of the eyelid with a soft orange. Focus a metallic bronze shadow directly on the eyelid to draw attention to the eyes. Using a waterproof eyeliner can compliment the eyes beautifully. Keep it simple by dotting the upper lash line and smudging it up and out with a blending brush. To finish the eyes, apply a few coats of waterproof mascara and curl the lashes. Bronze the face with a matte bronzer, and pop a neutral toned lipstick on the lips to complete the look.

Wedding makeup can be a lot of fun. One thing to keep in mind: a wedding is not the time to experiment. Keeping it simple and effortless is your best bet. Creating one of the looks above can ensure a timeless outdoor fall wedding look.