Planning for an Outdoor Wedding

By Primrose Cottage

primrose ceremony

If you are looking for an outdoor wedding venue in Roswell GA, look no further than Primrose Cottage. This stunning venue provides charm and ample space for you and your guests to celebrate your big day! Here are 8 helpful tips when planning for an outdoor spring wedding:

1. Prepare your hair for windy or humid conditions

The weather is constantly changing, so finding a hairstyle that you love and one that will hold well in rough weather conditions will make you a happier bride on your big day. Your hair stylist will be able to point you in the right direction to keep your hair in tact!

2. Don’t wear stilettos

Stilettos are a great option until you walk into the grass and the heel sinks in. We recommend a different option like wedges or flats to prevent you from sinking with every step. This will help with your ease of walking and overall enjoyment of your special day!

3. Make a backup plan

When hosting an outdoor wedding, it is important to have a backup plan. The weather is unpredictable and it is beneficial to be prepared for whatever the weather throws at you. Getting excited about your backup plan is helpful to remind yourself that your wedding is going to be beautiful no matter where it’s held -- indoors or outdoors.

4. Treat your site for bugs and pollen

Everyone knows that spring is beautiful -- minus the obnoxious pollen and bug outburst. Make sure to treat your venue for these common issues so you and your guests can relax and enjoy the beauty and celebration of your wedding day.

5. Ensure your guests’ comfortability

Planning for outdoor weddings in Roswell GA means preparing for heat and humidity. Make sure that your guests are comfortable by considering the ceremony space to provide shade or provide hand fans. These helpful tips will make sure your guests have a pleasant time celebrating your big day!

6. Make sure guests can hear

It is a good idea to consider using a microphone at your wedding if you are hosting it outdoors so that all of your guests are able to hear. With wind and the natural volume of being outdoors, it can be difficult to hear, and you want to make sure your guests don’t have to strain to be able to hear your ceremony!

7. Avoid the sun

When possible, position the venue space so that your guests are not directly facing the sun. For the ceremony specifically, consider a sunset service so you can have the warm glow of the sun shining on you and your guests. If you have a daytime wedding, make sure that the guests’ backs are to the sun so they are not blinded and unable to see your big day!

8. Provide drinks for guests

Outdoor weddings can be exhausting, so make sure to provide water bottles or beverages like lemonade or sweet tea so your guests can hydrate and enjoy your wedding. This will make things go smoothly and will keep your guests comfortable and happy.