Spring is Coming - Get the Perfect Spring Wedding Venue

By Little Gardens 


Your venue is the backdrop to one of the most important days of your life, so it is crucial to find the perfect match for you and your partner. Spring weddings are a dream, laced with new blossoms and flowers at every turn. It is the perfect time to take advantage of the weather, which also provides a beautiful atmosphere for photographs you will cherish forever. Help select the perfect spring wedding venue with these tips:

1. Select a venue that compliments your vision

Wedding themes range far and wide, from small and intimate to large and extravagant. Once you decide on the atmosphere you are looking to create, consider whether the venue is accommodating to this. 


2. Consider the guest list

How large is your wedding going to be? The guest list drives many wedding decisions, including the space and the budget. If you know your guests will all be on the dance floor, things like the size and location of the space will be important factors. Think about what you want the layout and aesthetic to look like once the space is filled with people.


3. Venue Details

Decide if you want to take advantage of the spring weather and have the wedding outside. Also consider what the Plan B will look like if it rains. Does the venue include a tent? Think about other services the venue can assist with including catering, photography, supplies, proximity to a hotel. Attention to details will make your day flow seamlessly, freeing you up to celebrate!

 When looking for a spring wedding venue, garden wedding venues provide an enchanting backdrop for your special day. Of the numerous Atlanta garden wedding venues, Little Gardens is a hidden gem, perfect for your spring wedding. Little Gardens is a colonial-style venue nestled in the midst of a 3-acre estate in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Little Gardens offers an enchanted outdoor ceremony area enhanced with a picturesque waterfall and koi fish pond. The historic beauty of the house and the modern character embedded into the home work in tandem to create a feeling of old, Southern charm with a contemporary twist.

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