Spring Wedding Decoration Tips

By Flint Hill

Planning your perfect wedding can be overwhelming with all of the intricate details. We have gathered some helpful spring wedding decoration tips to ease your planning process! If you are looking for a Norcross wedding venue, the gorgeous antebellum home at Flint Hill provides a beautiful space for your special day. Check out some of our wedding decoration tips:


1. Bright bouquets

Flint Hill - bright flowers.jpg

For your spring wedding, bouquets are vibrant with the fresh flowers and luscious landscape at Flint Hill. There are countless options for bright bouquets to make your spring wedding magical.


2. Colorful/Patterned groomsmen attire

Flint Hill -groomsmen .jpg

Colorful shirts and patterned ties bring a spring-inspired sense to the grooms attire. If your wedding is decorated for spring, make sure your groom’s attire matches your spring wedding theme.


3. Fresh flower centerpieces

Flint hill - fresh flower centerpiece.jpg

There is no better time to bring out fresh flowers than during a spring wedding. The gardens are in full bloom and provide vibrant colors to your reception and ceremony. Fresh flowers add a sweet aroma as well as beauty to your spring wedding.


4. Unique and floral stationery

stationery - FH

If your wedding theme and decorations are going to resemble the beautiful nature in spring, why not make your stationery match? Adding floral elements to your invitations and other stationery will make them stand out and coordinate with your spring wedding!


5. Spring-inspire wedding cake

Flint Hill - wedding cake.jpg

Your dessert spread looks better with spring-inspired floral designs! Bringing spring into every aspect of your wedding and reception is sure to make your wedding day special and vibrant!

Tori HannaFlint Hill