Tips for a Contemporary Wedding

By Vinewood Stables 

Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life, and the design should reflect just that. Many brides want to keep aspects of the tradition yet add a modern twist. Designing a wedding that is both timeless and contemporary is a challenge, but with these quick tips you will have a dream wedding in no time!


1. Select a wedding venue to complement the design

The wedding venue sets the stage for the celebration. The venue you choose should highlight the theme you select. Contemporary wedding venues are a great way to pull a modern feel into a traditional wedding. 

If you’re looking for wedding venues in Atlanta, Vinewood Stables may be the perfect fit for you. A Southern farm wedding venue built in 1852, this Georgia plantation house and historic horse barn have been fully renovated to include all of the contemporary amenities you need, without sacrificing any of the Southern tradition and charm that you desire. It's perfect for a fall wedding.


2. Colors tell a story

Color is a wonderful way to dictate the ambiance of a wedding. When used the right way, it can provide a strong design aspect to help set the stage. It is a secret tool to cut down on decor needed as well.

Vinewood Stables offers a large array of color options to meet every bride’s design needs. A Divine Event Design Studio is here to add those special touches that make the space exactly what you’re envisioning.




3. The key is in the details

Paying attention to small details is a secret ingredient to a seamless wedding day. Appropriately used color reduces the need for decor, which is a perfect way to slip some contemporary elements into a design. Vinewood Stables is the perfect backdrop for mixing and matching contemporary and traditional elements. From the interiors of The Main House, to the gardens and grounds, the attention to detail at Vinewood Stables is sure to impress you and your guests on your special day.