The Ultimate Day-Of Emergency Wedding Kit

By Little Gardens

Before your big day, you will need to make sure that you have prepared a kit that will come in handy on your wedding day to keep your stress low and your excitement levels high! Here are some must-haves for your day-of emergency wedding kit:

1. Sewing Kit

In the unfortunate event at your garden wedding venues that you or one of your bridesmaids has a wardrobe malfunction, having a sewing kit handy can be a lifesaver. Make sure your kit includes needles, safety pins, scissors, hem tape, and thread colors that match your dress and bridesmaid dresses!

2. Snacks

With all the excitement going on at your wedding venue Norcross GA, it can be easy to skip right past a meal or two! Don’t let your jitters get in the way of a good snack! Make sure to pack granola bars, bottled water, or some yummy snack that will hold you over until your reception! 

3. Tissues

You never know how emotional you might on your wedding day, so stock up on your tissue supply to make sure you are prepared to experience lots of emotions on your big day! 

4. Ibuprofen/Band-Aids

Headaches and other body pains can often strike at unlikely times, and they won’t hold off just because it’s your wedding day! So be prepared with medicine to prevent any of these factors from hindering your perfect day! Band-Aids are also a good item to keep handy in case of an unexpected blister from shoes or to manage a small cut or scrape! 

5. Perfume/Deodorant

Garden wedding venues can often be a bit warm, especially in the summertime, and we know you want to smell as good as you look, so make sure to pack some extra perfume and deodorant to stay fresh with your signature scent all night long!

6. Floss/Mints

It’s your wedding day, which means you have to be kissable all day long! With the help of floss and mints, your breath will stay fresh and your teeth pearly white! Floss and mints are always a good idea to keep readily available in case you need to freshen up!

Garden wedding venues are perfect for outdoor weddings and are sure to make unforgettable memories! With the help of this emergency wedding kit, your big day will be a dream come true!