2019 Wedding trends

By Primrose Cottage

It’s always fun to watch weddings trends shift over the years in every realm from decor to dresses, venues, invitations, and food. And let me tell you, 2019 is bringing out the big guns with its bold, yet flirty vibes. The combination of vibrant hues paired with an intimate setting has everyone wishing they had a ring on their finger this year. Moving away from traditional weddings, 2019 moves towards statement pieces and stimulating decor that spice up the big day. For all of you future brides, we’ve compiled some of our favorites trends to give you some inspiration: 

Flower Frenzy

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Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, flower installations above doors have been a huge hit. And who could blame you! Aren’t you supposed to feel like royalty on your special day? No better way to do so than taking inspo straight from the royal wedding. IF you need to add some flair to contemporary wedding venues, flower door installations are a great start. 

Virtual Evite

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Trying to focus more efforts on conservation this year? People have started looking for eco-friendly alternatives for their weddings invitations. Rather than printing off hundreds of cards, online invitations have become increasingly popular. If you are not ready to abandon paper yet, opting for high-recycled content made from alternative fibers such as hemp or bamboo is also becoming heavily prominent. There are many beautiful, unique wedding invitation options that can reduce our ecological footprint. 

Return of the ruffle

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There is nothing better than seeing the return of ruffles when it comes to wedding dresses this year. Hard not to welcome the flirtatious, yet sophisticated trend of 2019. The ruffles add character with their light-hearted tone, while providing a whimsical, unique tone for your big day. 

Fond of florals

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Paired with ruffles, we are starting to see an increased introduction of florals into wedding dress designs. Without a doubt we can get behind that trend! Floral details will leave your soon-to-be husband speechless, along with anyone else who is lucky enough to catch a glimpse. Your wedding venue roswell ga might be stunning, but you will outshine it with a dress like that. 

Statement lighting 

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You’d be surprised how often even the smallest details change from time to time. As it turns out, even the lighting is hopping on board with modern trends. Rather than having minimal, simplistic lighting, we are starting to see an increase in eye-catching statement pieces. A bold lighting system can instantly turn your wedding from basic to enviously chic. Any wedding venues Atlanta would benefit from this original decor.