How to make sure your guests are happy

By Little Gardens

Weddings involve planning a personalized day to meet the needs and desires of the bride and groom. From looking through hundreds of Atlanta garden wedding venues to taste-testing and dress shopping, there is a lot that goes into the planning process. What tends to get thrown under the rug however, are the guests. If too much time is spent focusing on the bride and groom, your wedding might be less satisfactory for everyone else. To make sure this doesn’t happen to any of you in the future, we’ve come up with a 5 tips for keeping your guests in good spirits: 

Tip #1: Play the cards right when it comes to the seating chart

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There's nothing more uncomfortable than sitting at a table with a bunch of strangers that all know each other, while your friends are laughing it up a few tables away. One way to make sure your guests are satisfied without spending a penny is to carefully select the seating arrangements. Don’t leave any of your guests feeling awkward, lonely, or frustrated. If you do the chart right, your guests will be with someone they enjoy or potentially someone intriguing and new. As soon as you’ve gone through all the wedding venues in Atlanta GA and locked one down, start brainstorming a good chart for the guests. 


Tip #2: Revitalizing refreshments

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When it comes to impressing you guests, it’s all about the little touches. Having drinks prepared and waiting for them as soon as they arrive is probably not a bad idea. Not only will they enjoy the delicious refreshment, but it also gives them something to sip on as they mingle and get to know some new faces. Spice up your fall wedding venues with taste and class!

Tip #3: Personalized notes

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If you have the time and your guest list isn’t too hefty, you should go the extra mile when it comes to making them feel noticed. Placing a handwritten note on their seat or dinner plate following the ceremony has them feeling pleased and valued. 

Tip #4: Snacks at the ready

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You never know when someone might get hungry, and we can guarantee that somebody always is. Regardless of the dinner plan at your reception, it’s wise to have something for guests to nibble on as they wait for the ceremony to begin. You can go for small, one-bite appetizers, making it easy for guests to socialize and snack. We can promise you the sustenance will lead to satisfaction!

Tip #5: Trim the toasts

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It’s certainly nice hearing sweet words of encouragement and best wishes from friendly and family, but unless they are experienced comedians, several long toasts might have your guests feeling bored. One minute it’s sentimental, and the next it is excessive. Keeping that in mind, you should limit both the length and number of toasts: maid of honor, best man, parents, siblings, close friend or two, but no more than that.