Things to know before going dress shopping

By Cloverleaf Farm


There are two types of wedding dress shoppers out there. The woman who falls in love with the first dress she tries on; and then there’s the polar opposite, aka the woman who has to see EVERY option in the store before making a choice. Don’t be discouraged if your best friend found her dress in five minutes and it’s taken you over five hours. Regardless of which end of the spectrum you fall on, the goal is to find a dress suitable for your specific taste and style. Whether it be love at first sight or hours of careful contemplation, your dream dress awaits. 

Although choosing wedding dresses may seem like an enjoyable activity, it can be straining and daunting at times; especially when you’re already exhausted from planning, searching for wedding venues in atlanta ga, and knocking out the details for your big day. In hopes to put your mind at ease, we have compiled a list for all of you future brides! Here are a couple of things to know before wedding dress shopping: 

Tip #1: Starting off on the right foot

No successful shopping day begins without a nutritious breakfast and a large cup of coffee! There’s a reason why breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Making sure you are fueled up and ready to go will set the tone for the day and have you feeling confident. Wedding dress shopping is a big day, so therefore you need lots of energy. So grab a cup of coffee and a bagel before you kick off day!  

Tip #2: Idea of direction, yet an open mind

Prior to wedding dress shopping, many women browse for inspiration to get a better idea of what they are looking for. However, there’s a fine line between too much browsing and not enough. Before you go look at wedding dresses, it is certainly helpful to have a style preference such as strapless, lace, mermaid, fit-n-flare, a-line, etc. However, it’s important to keep an open-mind. Before shopping, some brides come up with an idea that is too narrow and specific, leaving them unsatisfied with their findings. Go in with an open mind so you can find a dress that suits your southern plantation wedding venue. 

Tip #3: Caution when it comes to budgeting

This might be one of the hardest aspects of wedding dress shopping. Nobody wants to try on a dress and fall in love with it only to realize the harsh truth: you simply can’t afford it. Setting a budget prior to shopping can prevent this financial and emotional crisis. As a result, you can make sure to only try on wedding dresses within your budget, leaving less room for disappointment. 

Tip #4: Timing is everything

There’s nothing worse than feeling rushed and pressured when you shop. Plus, beyond selecting a dress, you may even need to have several alterations to get your dress just right. To minimize stress, don’t put yourself in a time crunch! Start looking early to ensure adequate time for both shopping and altering. And don’t forget to bring a pair of heels with you! 

As soon as the wedding dress shopping comes to an end, the rest will fall into place. And if you haven’t locked down a venue, take a look at Cloverleaf Farm! This southern plantation wedding venue beats any other Athens wedding venue with its beautiful farmhouse, pastures, flowers, food, and more.