Fall Wedding Decor Trends

By Flint Hill

When we think of fall, crisp air, colorful leaves and pumpkin spice everything comes to mind. Planning your wedding for this time of year can be so exciting with all of the possibilities that fall brings for fall wedding venues, decor, color palettes and menu choices. We’ve put together a list of our top fall wedding trends to help give you inspiration when planning your special day.

Trend #1: Bold Colors

Wedding pastels are a sign of the past. Fall in line with this year’s trend of bold, monochromatic color choices. Think bridesmaids dresses in different shades of emerald green or plum. Oranges, corals, reds and gold are also extremely popular options for fall color palettes and don’t disappoint when you see how they pop in your photographs from the dresses and ties to decorations and bouquets.

Trend #2: Wildflower Florals

More organic, loosely structured bouquets are gorgeous, especially with wildflowers and other seasonal, richly colored blooms. Ranunculus, burgundy dahlias, blackberries, fall foliage and gomphrena are some stunning options to look into for fall florals for your bouquets. These florals can make a statement and your guests will be wowed. 


Trend #3: Translucent Signage

Wood signage has shifted towards translucent signage by way of acrylic. Extremely popular for welcome signs and seating charts, these acrylic signs have popped up everywhere. They are a great, more cost-effective way to share any messaging with your guests, and they help highlight decorative arrangements (especially florals) around them.


Trend #4: Dessert Showcases

Fall flavors can give your guests all the cozy feels. Incorporate these foods in show-stopping ways to really stand out! A fall twist on a donut wall with cinnamon sugared and apple donuts or a hot chocolate or hot apple cider bar could be great additions to your menu. You could also serve hand-held pies in wrapping with your wedding logo on them or choose a caramel or fig flavor for your wedding cake. Lastly, consider a signature hot toddy or other fall drink favorite to make your day extra personal.


As one of the best wedding venues in Atlanta, GA, Flint Hill loves working with our fall brides to help their visions come to life during this beautiful season. We can’t wait to hear your ideas for your perfect fall wedding!

Chancey DosterFlint Hill