Tips for the Perfect Fall Wedding

By Primrose Cottage

When we think of fall, crisp air, colorful leaves and pumpkin spice everything comes to mind. Planning your wedding for this time of year can be so exciting with all of the possibilities that fall brings for decor, photo opportunities and menu choices. There are some unique characteristics to fall that you’ll need to keep in mind when planning your fall wedding. We’ve gathered a list of our top tips to help you out when looking at fall wedding venues, selecting a date, and picking your color scheme, outfits and decor. 

Tip #1: Plan for Variable Weather

When looking at wedding venues in Atlanta or a wedding venue in Roswell, GA, keep in mind that the Georgia heat can linger long past August and September. Georgia can also get a cold snap and get cool quickly just in a week. With these varying temperatures, it’s important to plan accordingly and have jackets/wraps available for your bridesmaids if it is cooler, heaters and fans on hand for whatever the weather may bring, and lots of water available for your guests if it is a hotter than usual day and you are outside. 

Tip #2: Be Mindful of Holidays

You don’t have to avoid holiday weekends all together, but be mindful that your attendance may be lower if you decide to have your wedding close to Labor Day or Thanksgiving. In the South, some of your guests may even consider gamedays their own special holidays and will be heartbroken if they have to miss GA-FL weekend. Keep your guests and their happiness in mind and think of ways to theme your wedding around the holiday (Thanksgiving feast on your menu anyone?) or give your guests pom-poms in each team’s colors to cheer when your DJ announces score updates throughout the night. This way your guests don’t feel like they are missing their events and are thankful that you’ve kept them in mind while celebrating your special day.

Tip #3: Earlier Sunsets

Daylight Savings Time makes a difference in your wedding day timeline. The sun sets earlier, and this can affect your photo opportunities if you don’t plan accordingly. If your ceremony and/or reception are held at one of the outdoor Atlanta wedding venues, talk with your photographer and event team to plan your timeline around the sun. Your golden hour will be earlier than spring/summer weddings, and you won’t want to miss that beautiful lighting. 


Tip #4: Possible Off-Season Discounts & Better Availability

As the spring and summer wedding rush is calming down with the start of fall, you may have more availability options for fall wedding venues and other wedding vendors. You may also be able to negotiate pricing or snag off-season discounts to help you get the most out of your wedding budget. Knowing that there are opportunities to save can help if you’re willing to ask!

Tip #5: Embrace the Season 

The stunning and vibrant colors that fall affords brides when selecting their color palettes and decorations are incredible. Deep jewel tones, bright oranges and reds as well as rich greens can make such an impact, and they pop off the page in your photographs. Food choices focus on comfort food and seasonal options that are unique to fall. Incorporating apple, pumpkin, squash, sweet potatoes, pies and cider could be amazing flavors to compliment the season on your menu. Opportunities are endless, so take advantage of all that fall has to offer!