How to plan a fall wedding around football season

By The Atrium

As one of the most beautiful wedding seasons, fall provides a tasteful color palette to compliment the colorful leaves and fresh autumn air. However, there are some things to consider beyond the perks of fall wedding colors. This pleasant time of year just so happens to fall in line with one of the most loved sports of all time, college football. 

It’s hard to deny the evident conflicts when planning a fall wedding. Although you may love to hunker down and cheer on the dawgs, your wedding takes priority. And we’re here to provide you with a couple of tips! You don’t have to sacrifice your ideal wedding for a game of football; here’s how to plan it right!

Tip #1: Give them time to kill

It’s important to keep in mind the gung-ho football fans when planning your fall wedding. If you’re hosting your reception at a different location that the actual ceremony, give your guests some time to kill in between. You could suggest a few sports bars nearby, giving them time to grab a drink and catch a quarter or two of the game.


Tip #2: Embrace the (football) season

Rather than trying to dodge the craziness of football season at your wedding, you could incorporate it into your theme. You may not have imagined a football themed wedding when you were younger, but your guests will go crazy for it. From football wedding cake toppers to football centerpieces, you can spice up your fall wedding with a subtle gameday vibe. If you love football and you love weddings, why not combine the two! Any wedding themes for fall could use a little football flair. 


Tip #3: Viewing party

If you are also a diehard football fan and can cope with sharing the spotlight, we recommend setting up a small viewing area for guests. For the guests who can’t resist, having the game on during a cocktail hour never hurt anyone! 

Tip #4: Dodge the flowers

 A fun idea to change up your classic fall wedding to a football themed wedding is the flower toss! Instead of having the bride throw out the usual bouquet of flowers to the ladies, have her toss a football!


While it’s hard to avoid the poor timing of your special day, you can take measures to show your gratitude. Handwritten thank you notes are always a hit! Let your guests know how much it means to you that they missed the big game weekend. But always remember, this is your special day!

Chancey DosterThe Atrium