Atlanta Weddings Magazine – Summer 2012


Bold colors have played a part in Lily Steenblik and Sung Hwang’s courtship from the beginning. “Look for the skinny Korean kid with pink hair,” were Hwang’s instructions to Steenblik before they met in person their freshman year. (Two weeks prior, the pair bonded over their love of music via instant messenger.) Their first meeting—and the night of dancing that ensued—only intensified her crush. Though Hwang left the next day for summer school in Virginia, they chatted daily, and by fall were an item. Ten years later, the duo celebrated their anniversary in Paris. On an evening walk across the Seine, Hwang presented Steenblik with a padlock, marked with their names and the date, and told her to attach it to the bridge, throw the key in the river, and make a wish—when Hwang dropped to one knee and proposed. A year later, the couple married in a double ceremony honoring their American and Korean heritages.


Lydia Sloan