Classic Bride

The Classic Bride is timeless. She wants billowing white drapes encasing her whitewashed decor. She loves the formal elegance of a wedding and grand ballrooms dressed in soft lighting and pale pastels. The Classic Bride believes champagne is for celebrating, understated beauty is unrivaled, and the refinement of tradition is the epicenter of a wedding soiree.

Antebellum Lady

The Antebellum Lady adores Deep South architecture and the history embedded in the walls of a home from a bygone era. She loves an abundance of greenery and stately front lawns. Back in the day, a wedding was the talk of the town and the social event of the season; the Antebellum Lady settles for nothing less. She wants classic and rustic flair, a garden party for the masses, and her tea to be as sweet as the darlin' she's marrying!

Southern Belle

The Southern Belle envisions pecan groves, mason jars, and plantation homes. She's bringing her dog to walk the rings down the aisle, ordering a monogrammed cake topper, and making sure the craft cocktail is not easily forgotten. From the traditional table settings to the soft florals, this bride's style is dripping with Southern charm. The Southern Belle has always dreamed of getting hitched to her honey in a rustic barn with the aisle lined with delicate babies breath...and there's gotta be plenty of seating for mama-n-them.

Whimsical Bride

The Whimsical Bride dreams of her perfect day as an Alice in Wonderland inspired garden party. She has flowers in her hair, vibrant and eclectic decor, and tastefully mismatched bridesmaids' dresses. Thrifted fine china and photo booths with quirky props are right up this bride's alley. A Whimsical Bride wants her wedding to reflect her storybook romance.

Intimate Wedding

The bride searching for an Intimate Wedding isn't into crowds and all the fuss that goes along with inviting the masses to attend her wedding. She enjoys quiet ambiance, soft glowing lights, and a cozy reception space where everyone can lean over to one another and chat. The bride who desires an intimate wedding believes the fewer people, the better. This allows for a more personal celebration and more one-on-one time with guests.

Contemporary Rustic

The Contemporary Rustic bride adores vintage allure, but she wants her special day to pay homage to today's wedding trends. She loves the look of exposed wood beams inside a reclaimed barn with dreamy, twinkling lights adorning every table. She believes the natural beauty of greenery and florals is the perfect compliment to any wedding day. She wants wide open spaces to fill with the friends and family she loves the most. This bride appreciates simple elegance and an inviting party.