Amy Britt – Sales & Events Director

Amy is a veteran in the event industry and is best known for her bubbly personality. After years of experience as a wedding coordinator and business owner, Amy landed her dream job as the Director of Sales and Events at Vinewood. She is an expert when it comes to this property, as she has served as a wedding coordinator at Vinewood for several years. Amy fell in love with the property at her very first wedding overlooking the majestic pecan tree. Her soul thrives on true love and the celebration of marriage. She truly makes that personal connection with each of her clients in a sense that they are not just a client, they are a friend.  Amy believes that each couple has their own unique relationship and beautiful love story, and that this should be the focal point of their big day. As the Sales & Events Director at Vinewood Stables, there is no other person you would want by your side to make your wedding day truly Magical.