Katie Goldberg- Flint Hill Venue Coordinator

Katie began her career at just 15 years old when she landed her first job in a men’s formalwear shop.  The excitement and glamour of weddings was fun, but what she really enjoyed was assisting customers and using my knowledge to lead them in the right direction.  I enjoyed helping customers choose the right attire for their groomsmen by explaining what was appropriate for a formal morning wedding vs. a formal evening wedding, or what was appropriate for a garden wedding vs. a winter wedding.  This was the spark that led her to the wedding industry later in life. 

She worked her way through college taking various courses but never finding anything that she felt passionate about.  In the interim of deciding what to do with her life, Katie began working in a bridal shop selling wedding gowns which she found amazing and exciting. She found herself enjoying helping brides, advising them, holding their hand when necessary, and she was good at it!  She was about to sign up for more college classes one day, when she had a moment of clarity and realized the wedding industry was where she was meant to be. She took the money she had for more college courses, and invested in taking an online wedding planning course with the Association of Bridal Consultants, also known as ABC. She flew through the course and had the honor of being hired by Magic Moments/A Divine Event, as a day of wedding director. 

 Immediately, she knew she was where she was meant to be.  She has stayed with the company and worked her way up until being promoted as a full time venue coordinator.  She now has over 10 years of experience working with Magic Moments/A Divine Event.  Her hands on experience is nothing that you can learn by reading a book or taking a class.  She has learned an invaluable amount about business, weddings and customer service.  She continues to strive for perfection, knowledge and keeping our brides happy.

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